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Whatever your starting point our commitment and humility to you removes complexity and unnecessary judgement of getting you where you need to be.

Everything from creating standards of excellence to training people to work and live in more effective ways, assessing how you're doing, and helping you perform better in the future. We can combine any of our services to create a package that's tailored to suit your needs.

This dynamic and empowering initiative features some of the leading and exciting women, each bringing gifts of unique guidance 

  • Discover your innate leadership abilities.

  • Find comfort, confidence, and strength in your authentic self.

  • Continue to awaken to your passion, power, and presence.

  • Connect to the wisdom that lies within you.

  • Envision an empowered life.

  • Find your authentic voice and express yourself honestly.

  • Enhance your well-being.

  • Appreciate your life unfolding perfectly and celebrate the woman you are: free, authentic, compassionate, creative, expressive, powerful, and intuitive.

Our training is not to dictate how you bring up your children but will help you to understand important values, define your own family values and give you tools to bring up your children according to excellent values. 

The skills and strategies taught on our courses can be applied to suit any family giving mums, dads and carers a united front from which to work, making life as a parent or carer both easier and more fulfilling.

Our programme content is designed to be as flexible as possible to suit the needs of the parents on a particular course.


Changes can cause stress and conflict in the family. Financial problems due to unemployment and other factors can occur, adding stress on the family. Changes in living arrangements, childcare issues, and community re-entry can all pose new problems.

By working together with the rehabilitation team, you and your family can:

  • Identify how the changes affects your family

  • Work together on realistic solutions

  • Participate in family education and counseling

  • Plan for the future and community involvement

Our mentoring tends to focus on your future, and broader skills for personal or career development.

Like many other mentoring programmes, we also concentrate on four key elements, improving perfomance, career development, counselling and sharing knowledge.

Our qualified and expert mentors help mentees to clarify their goals, or their learning style. They help the mentees to reflect on their experience and draw out learning. They are also able to provide the mentee with theoretical and practical models to support their development. 

Relationship problems are common and can be improved with counselling. 

Relationships are complex and whatever your connections with people they can be problematic from time to time. The pressures of modern life can put a huge amount of stress on us, resulting in arguments and miscommunications with those around us and this can leave us feeling angry, disappointed, rejected and lonely. If you are suffering because of relationship problems, counselling can help you discover healthier patterns of relating to others.

Our specialist knowledge covers all kinds of relationship issues, including: pre-marriage counselling, Pre-marital counselling, problematic friendships, trouble in working relationships, parenting conflicts

Our relationship counselling can help you improve your relationships, no matter what difficulties you are facing.

A writer is an adventurer, a researcher and an inventor - someone who explores time and space as well as fantastical places, and all the ideas therein.

Writing is a wonderful way to unleash the imagination, share ideas, develop your creativity and enrich your free time. But sometimes, the white glare of the blank page threatens the motivation of even the most seasoned authors. Coming up with a plot and characters can seem daunting - let alone getting to the end of a first draft! Not to worry. 

Birthed out of Jessica’s heart desire and passion to support aspiring authors to be inspired, encouraged and be motivated. Aspiring author meets regularly to share writing tips, encourage to keep going and not look back, learning how to write convincingly and fuel emotion. Feel free to register for any of our gathering. 

Getting to school is an integral part of a child's education. If a child can't get to school or has a stressful experience getting to school, they are not able to learn and take part in the school daily activities like other children. And the impact of parent losing out to work is huge - with parents having to give up work.

Therefore, We aim to operate a good number of school runs for children within London and its surrounding areas with the help of our volunteers as It can be very challenging having to raise children without the help of Family members and close friends to support you. W@W support young parents by providing energy for a comeback or great start back to work after having children; We inspire progression, believe in advancement and support their vision and empower them with the wisdom and knowledge that leaves them feeling confident, equipped and ready to accomplish their goals.

Home and school connection is a more of solution-oriented wing of W@W organisation to support professional growth. In order to help young parents return to work confidently and updated. Therefore, We offer advice on the importance of choice and access to cost effective Accredited and Regulated organisations with innovative training solutions across the UK, that are tailored to your needs such as:

  • HCA training,
  • First aids
  • Manual Handling
  • Infection Control
  • Support Services home care,
  • supported living, &
  • Oversea medical missions.
  • W@W- Ensuring Healthy Lives And Promoting Well-being for Women


 The main focus of the Health and wellness wing of W@W is to ensure proper health education for all women worldwide. This will take place by educating women on healthy eating, physical activities, weight loss/maintenance, how to train their family to eat healthy and be physically active, increasing access to physical and mental health care, etc. If a Woman knows it, the world knows it.

Collaborations with healthcare organisations will play a big part in ensuring that this can become a reality.

Other support services:  Health and Social Care Skill Training Professional Advice:

Workshops, Events and Conferences:


We organize events, seminars, workshops, Retreats and conferences

from time to time.

Our events and workshop helps to create a sense of community or common purpose among its participants. Our workshop is a great way for people to learn about a particular subject, learn new projects, and methods in order to better you and conducted by people who have real experience in the subject under discussion.

Participants are active, both in that they influence the direction of the workshop and also in that they have a chance to practice the techniques, skills, etc. that are under discussion.

There's a good deal of discussion in addition to participation.

W@W covers range of Events seminars and conferences including:


  • P. U.S.H Training Conference:


This P.U.S. H Training Conference provides an exciting, interactive, hands-on training experience and teachings to build ones faith and change circumstances: Filled with challenging exercises, thought provoking discussion, and an abundance of wisdom and knowledge on how to reach-out to the homeless, addicts, impoverished and disadvantaged youths and women; through special events and projects that share God’s love to humanity and ultimately provides hope for the hopeless. As much as possible,  expertise globally with proven integrity will be invited to come and minister with our inhouse experts  and spiritual leaders to help participants; Discover, Develop and Deploy their God given Talent in the arear of music and song writing.


  • W@W Health and wellness Corner 


The main focus of the Health and wellness wing of W@W is to ensure proper health education for all women worldwide. This will take place by educating women on healthy eating, physical activities, weight loss/maintenance, how to train their family to eat healthy and be physically active, increasing access to physical and mental health care institutions, etc. 


Collaborations with healthcare organisations will play a big part in ensuring that this can become a reality. Experts in both orthodox and herbal medicine will lead workshops and seminars to inform on cutting edge cost effective ways to be well on the following topics:


  • Empowerment to deal with women health issues such as
  • Menopause
  • Fertility
  • Fibroids
  • Lifestyle screening,- BSM, height, weight & BMI
  • Health promotion/ prevention
  • General health & Wellbeing advice
  • Fitness & Exercise
  • Travel health
  • Health products/ alternative medicine.

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