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Over a decade, Jessica Edmund has dedicated her life as a practical bible teacher and relationship counsellor. She is a renowned conference speaker with a special call to teach relationship skills. her developed strategies has dramatically enhanced family relationships. As she saw more success, she began writing books about her newfound secrets keys and principles; which has become her life mission.

She is the founder of  “women at the well (W@W); an award winning charity organisation that addresses women’s fear and past scars; and in their present, gear them towards a positive future, that Motivates and Challenges them to discover their Purpose and Maximise  their full Potential in life by Educating families, supporting the vulnerable women and serving Humanity.

Jessica is an author and privilege writer, she has written many books, including, “Fit For the Master’s use", "Destiny Decoded", "Before you add to the wealth of Marital Grave" among others.

​Her rare teaching gift has attracted several public speaking engagements in seminars, conventions, conferences and the likes. Considering her track record in writing, She is the President of “Arising Authors Initiative” which has been a medium of transformation for many writers, and the testimonies have been phenomenal. Jessica is married to Chidi Nze, and they are blessed with children.

Books Authored by Jessica

Having realized the feisty wound in our society, government and entire system of the world, which is having negative effect on our youth and children, “Fit for the masters use” is purposed to equip parents, with the adequate knowledge they need to take control of their children’s future, not leaving it to chance or circumstance. In this life transforming book, parents will discover the fundamental, unchanging, time-tested biblical principles for raising Godly offspring. Moreover, parents will understand that their greatness in life is not tied to their wealth, business and career, but their ability to raise Godly children through skillful parenting.

Therefore, this book will give you the understanding and adequate knowledge you require as a parent to give your children the best in life, including, security, wisdom, confidence and stability to empower them live an exciting and purpose driven life in a society where gun, knife and gang crime are becoming a norm for our youth and younger generation. I highly recommend this book to parents because, applied Knowledge is what guarantees you a life of significant peace. 

This potentially life transforming book contains two-minute, power-filled prophetic blessings to declare over yourself and your children. It’s for busy Moms and Dads, Uncles and Aunties, step-parents and grandparents, who would like to revolutionize the course of their life, and that of their children.
We live in a society where the youths kill themselves anyhow, this is a wake-up call for parents to seek knowledge about how to protect their own children spiritually and physically by the power of prayer. Because prayer requires word and words are loaded power presence, prophetic implications and have no
geographical limitations. Prayer can do for you in one minute what you cannot do for yourself in your life time. Therefore, nothing stops the right words from changing and establishing your children’s destiny.

Mark 10:16 says, “Jesus took the children in his arm and laid his hand on them and blessed them.” If Jesus found the time to quickly bless children, why can’t we? The truth is that, if you don’t sow the right word, others will help you sow the wrong words into them because, nature detests vacuum. Thus, this book is meant to help you NOT to speak as convenient, but as commanded. Since you can only have whatever you say regarding your destiny and that of your children.



This book is fundamental, because it’s based on knowledge and experience, as Jessica is completely transparent about her struggles and mistakes in the early years of her love life. More importantly, in this book, you will discover 8 most powerful, yet easily applicable practical steps to resurrect a dead marriage, including; how to find purpose in marriage because, loneliness in marriage is not the absence of people but rather, the absence of purpose.

There is something only you can do for your own marriage to come alive. “for every house is built by someone”. How not to bring the strategy of an old season into a new season, thereby going around the same circle.
This potentially life-changing book is not just about a new experience, but a new strategy that works wonder. Thus, I recommend this book to everyone; especially, married couples and those who have soiled their own marriages. During my research, I discovered that words are indispensable. Therefore, singles, please don’t say “I do” until you have read this book.

Our Approach

We support strategically by introducing women to new strategic support tailored to meet their needs.

We motivates and challenges women to discover their purpose and maximise their full potential.

We organise workshop, events, seminars and conferences.

We organise training for parents living together and support the void created by absentee father or mother through Parental Skills Training.

We create a safe, healthy and non-judgemental environment for women to live and thrive.

We advocate for women to ensure their rights are protected and their views and preferences are respected and their voices are heard

We offer counselling, guidance to help rebuild life and restore family relationships that last, through education and youth mentoring.

We collaborate with local businessess and community groups

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a network of women around the world who would like to revolutionised the course of their life and that of their family, to discover themselves, irrespective of their past experiences, mistakes and failures. By influencing and introducing them to powerful yet easily applicable steps that will turn theirs Scars into being Stars and Experience int Exploits

Regardless of how multiple and complex people's needs are, the women within W@W do not walk away. Our promise is to give to those who ask of us using wisdom to transform their lives.

Walk with the wise and become wise' ... and be linked to endless possibilities

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